Superior Fragrances for Discerning Customers

The Little Joe fragrances are individually crafted by our fragrance professionals in Italy using only the best available ingredients.

At Drive Int., we collaborate with well-known fragrance producers such as Givaudan, CFF, GRC and Firmenich to bring you the highest quality in car air freshener fragrances. By using only high quality ingredients, we are able to provide long lasting, natural and pleasing fragrances to our discerning air freshener customers. 

Little Joe Amber Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Amber – Sweet, cozy and warm fragrance notes with a hint of luxury and times gone by.

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Little Joe Vanilla Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Vanilla – A fragrance without description and yet loved all over the world.

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Little Joe Black Velvet Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Black Velvet – Masculine fragrance including bergamot,  sandalwood and Tonka bean.

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Little Joe Cherry Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Cherry – Fresh, ready to be picked tart cherries to eliminate and prevent odors.

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Little Joe Citrus Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Citrus – A clever mix of bergamot, tangy lemons, juicy tangerines, ripe orange and grapefruit.

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Little Joe Eucalyptus Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Eucalyptus – The distinct fragrance of this tree oil will bring back memories of far off places.

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Little Joe Flower Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Flower – Subtle notes of fresh flowers with subtle undertones of citrus, berry and musk.

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Little Joe Fresh Mint Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Fresh Mint –  A refreshing mix of crisp mint and fresh herbs result in a well-rounded fragrance.

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Little Joe Fruit Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Fruit – Go on vacation with this fragrance containing mango, papaya and more tropical fruits.

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Little Joe Green Tea Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Green Tea – An invigorating fragrance with notes of green tea and subtle grassy notes.

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Little Joe Lavender Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Lavender – Escape to romantic lavender fields in Italy and France with this aromatic fragrance.

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Little Joe Leather Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Leather – Few fragrances express masculinity, luxury and elegance like leather does.

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Little Joe Mandarin Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Mandarin – Escape to the Far East with this fruity, refreshing and sensual fragrance.

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Little Joe New Car Fragrance for Air Fresheners

New Car – Prolong the joy and pleasure of that intoxicating and exhilarating new car smell.

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Little Joe Ocean Splash Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Ocean Splash – Take long walks on far-away beaches with notes of white wood, ocean salt and soil.

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Little Joe Passion Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Passion – Escape to the lush tropics with notes of passion fruit and flowers and forget today’s worries.

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Little Joe Royal Tea Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Royal Tea – Bring back memories of nature and the distinct smell after a rain storm.

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Little Joe Strawberry Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Strawberry – Entice your senses with the sweet and romantic fragrance of fresh strawberries.

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Little Joe Sweet Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Sweet – The playful smells of vanilla, caramel, cotton candy and more in this fragrance.

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Little Joe Tonic Fragrance for Air Fresheners

Tonic – Surround yourself with luxury and sophistication with hints of coumarin and more.

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