Little Joe Leather Scented Car Air Freshener - Anti Tobacco

The smell of freshly oiled leather is unmistakable and recalls memories of the wild west, horses and good times. The Little Joe Leather fragrance wraps notes of freshly oiled leather into a delightful car air freshener.

Just clip this brown colored air freshener to the vent of your car and enjoy take a ride in your car.

You can expect up to 45 days of leather fragrance in your car but Little Joe will continue to smile at you long after the scent is gone.

Our high quality air fresheners and their individual unique and custom fragrances are designed in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy. Through our strict quality control we are able to deliver an exceptional and long-lasting product.

Little Joe Leather Anti Tobacco Car Air Freshener

Little Joe Leather Fragrance Product Information - Anti Tobacco

Standard Blister Mini Blister
Article Number: LJMB005
Bar Code: 7640125380149
Type: Car Air Freshener
Duration: 45 Days
Hi-Res Images: Yes
Packaging Information: Click
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