Since our company was founded in 2015, we have been sending this message to over 70 countries around the world with our „Little Joe®“ air fresheners.
The worldwide sales network is supported by more than 100 distributors bringing our products into the markets and to the end customers with great effort and joy.

Thank you all!



At Drive Int. AG we demand the greatest manufacturing technologies from the raw material till our high-end finished products. For our air fresheners we strictly use highest quality fragrance oils from Italy & France.

These concentrated oils are mixed while our production process with non-toxic granulated polymers.

Our technology guarantees a long-lasting and discreet fragrance release of our products, always reinforcing the importance of all suppliers having safety & environmental certificates.


This is how it all started!

Today Little Joe ® Cair Air Freshener is a Registered Trademark Brand and Design


Our Space is more than just an office!

Here we bring our creative ideas to life and … “Put a Smile in the Air! ®”


Robert Ecklin Jr.
President and owner

René Rosenast
CEO and owner

Imke Besse
Sales Director

Nicole Rosenast
International Sales

Lucie Neubert
Product Manager

Tarryn Barnard
International Sales and Marketing


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